“Guy Fawkes Virus” May Be The Cause for Offensive Facebook Images

On Sunday, I logged onto Facebook to update my status.  In my attempt to do so, I noticed a high amount of pornographic and vile images that appeared as updated news feed on my “friends” pages.  It was a surprise since many of my Facebook “friends” are responsible individuals.

Twenty-Fours hours later, the problem continues to be an issue for Facebook users as they have gone to Twitter and Google+ to complain about the embarrassment and frustration of these images being posted under their profile.  It seems Facebook is still having problems rectifying the matter and we have not seen much on the Facebook security page to update users on the matter.

In an article I wrote back on September 9th of this year on Politic365.com, The Department of Homeland Security stated Anonymous will attempt to initiate an attack on Facebook titled “Operation Facebook” on November 11 in protest of the social media company’s alleged privacy violations.

The hacker group stated, “Facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world”.

Many security experts feel this is in response to the threat.

The attack is exploiting the new photo-enhanced layout of the website, which now places full images in the newsfeed of users when a friend comments on a photograph, even if it is to detail their distaste or disgust, it forces the photograph onto the news feeds.

SecurityOrb.com concern resides on what effect these images will have on children who are participating on Facebook.  The policy to open a Facebook account  is a user must be 13 years old or older, but we all know there are children on facebook that are younger than 13 years of age.

Until Facebook is able to manage the problem correctly, parents are being advised to keep their kids off Facebook or to monitor their usage.


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    Facebook has 4 NEW VIRUSES: #1 If you get a notice of a PHOTO TAG … DO NOT open it. #2 If you get a notification that a friend reported you for offensive behavior etc.. DO NOT open it. #3 Is a Video saying 99% of People can not watch this for more the 15 Sec. DO NOT open it is also a virus. #4 All Messages from your friends via chat saying click this link .. DO NOT open! These are BAD ones and will crash… your computer ….. re-post and warn friends!”


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