School Bullying Outbreak

An interesting infographic by Sarah Fudin of Master of Arts in Teaching at USC (MAT@USC) discussing the bullying and cyberbullying outbreak at schools.  You can learn more about Sarah here.

To create bully-free classrooms, it’s necessary that we educate teachers, students and parents about the prevalence and consequences of it. We all believe a school should be a safe place for the children, a place where they can learn without fear or apprehension.

In accordance with Bullying Awareness Week, which took place just about a month ago, and its theme — “Stand Up!” (to bullying) — we created this infographic, “School Bullying Outbreak,” with facts about the methods, consequences and preventative measures related to bullies and bullied victims in schools. It’s important to fight for bully-free school environments, so please share this infographic as part of your educational outreach and campaigns focused on bullying awareness. Help us spread this important message!


School Bullying Outbreak MAT@USC
Via MAT@USC: Masters in Teaching

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