What the Cloud means to Enterprise Security

The enterprise security industry is being completely transformed by the emerging world of the mobile, social, BYOD enterprise. As the traditional corporate security perimeter evaporates, the challenges of authenticating and securing mobile, globally dispersed employees from advanced web threats expands exponentially.  In response, today’s leading edge CISO’s and senior IT executives are turning to security-as-a-service to solve what may be the toughest challenge they’ve faced in years.

Join guest speaker Lawrence Orans, Research Director at Gartner, for a complimentary webcast to learn what the cloud means to your enterprise security, and the key capabilities to look for as you move to incorporate cloud technology into your enterprise security strategy.

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You’ll learn:

  • Why the proliferation of mobile devices is making your traditional security appliance infrastructure irrelevant
  • The key requirements of a global “security-as-a-service” solution and how it’s complementing existing security infrastructures
  • How “security-as-a-service” is enabling the world’s largest companies to reduce backhaul traffic costs by more than 60%
  • How “Big Analytics” is providing actionable insights into security threats, user productivity, and compliance violations
  • How the world’s largest Security Cloud is securing today’s most demanding global brands

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from industry thought leaders how a move to the cloud can drive your business forward and create a scalable infrastructure that securely enables innovation.

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About Zscaler
Zscaler is transforming enterprise security with the world’s largest security cloud built from the ground up to safely enable users doing business beyond the corporate network. See why global enterprises are using Zscaler today to simplify their IT operations, consolidate point security products, and securely enable their business for mobility, cloud and social media.

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