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CISO Summit

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Dec 5 – 6, 2011
The M Resort Spa Casino Las Vegas
*Special Offer: CISO Summit attendees enjoy a special room rate of just $110 per night (excl taxes)

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About EC-Council
CISO SummitThe CISO Executive Summit is a place to network with top security executives and develop the support that CISOs need to design, develop and manage the most effective information security strategy for their organization. The CISO Executive Summit will also give you the opportunity to gather insight and advice on how to solidify your place as an indispensible member of the organization’s executive team. The CISO Summit is a panel discussion based event (16 panels), and due to the nature of the discussions that will take place, it is a closed-door event open only to senior information security executives (C-levels, VPs, Senior Directors, etc.).

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Is Your Organization Ready for the Threats & Challenges Ahead?
Stay ahead of attackers. Arrive with questions and concerns and leave armed with innovative ideas, out of the box solutions and a group of new industry colleagues.The EC-Council CISO Executive Summit provides a much-needed platform for IS leaders to discuss the challenges the industry is facing and develop guidance for information security executive leaders to develop a new way of thinking to ensure your success in protecting organizations.The goal of the CISO Executive Summit is to provide CISOs the opportunity to share best practices and knowledge to overcome the challenges that our industry presents today so that you are prepared to defend tomorrow.CONGREGATE | CONNECT | INTERACTThis inaugural event is designed to be wholly panel discussions based, so as to allow for more interactivity, and enhanced networking opportunities among like minded professionals – something senior executives like you will definitely find value.“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.” – Peter Drucker

The CISO Executive Summit will be your forum to explore IT security, privacy and risk and compliance issues such as:

  • Embracing the Cloud & Mitigating Surrounding Threats
  • Structuring and Managing your Infosec Workforce
  • Achieving PCI DSS Compliance in the Cloud
  • Implementing a High-Performing Information Security Program
  • Best Practices of Information Security Operations and Maintenance
  • >Monitoring and Evaluating of your IT security policies
  • Dealing with New and Emerging Technologies and Processes
  • Managing Insider Threats
  • Preparing for Future Challenges
  • Factors with Greatest Impact on the Information Security Profession
  • Key performance index of a Information Security Program

Due to the nature of the discussions that will take place, this will be a closed door event and only senior information security executives are invited to participate in this exclusive event. Upon registration, and if you qualify, we will be sending you a separate mailer containing more information and registration instructions.*Registration Fee (UP: $999) will be waived for all qualified attendees.
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