Israel’s HLS 2012 Event Highlights Cyber Security Innovations

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The Cyber Security panel taking place in Tel-Aviv this week at the HLS 2012 event is attracting considerable interest on the backdrop of the recent revelations of massive Iranian cyber attacks crippling the networks of Aramco Oil Company in Saudi Arabia. It was one of the most destructive attacks ever on a single company, erasing three quarters of the company’s hard disk drives. The panel addresses the vulnerability of organizations and infrastructures to such attacks, both are regularly targeted by hackers, cyber criminals and terrorists. While the attack on Aramco was directed at its computer network, companies and organizations are also vulnerable to terror attacks against their infrastructure; such attacks have the potential to inflict physical damage just like any other terror attack – creating explosions, hazardous material spills, create flooding or traffic accidents, all that by using untraceable, yet highly effective cyber attacks.


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