SummerCon 2012 Wrap Up

This past weekend in downtown Brooklyn New York, a few miles away from the new Nets stadium was SummerCon 2012.  SummerCon has the title of being the longest-running American hacker conference where information security professional gets to mingle with hackers, security researchers, law enforcement officials and students thanks to Facebook.

The unique aspect besides the highly technical presentations at SummerCon that leads to some great conversations are how the speakers are encourage to drink an enormous amount of alcohol by the attendees during their talk.

No one was more impressive in the consumption than Gillis Jones who conducted the final presentation of the event. Jones discussed Why Security Still Isn’t Taken Seriously By Business.  Although his presentation was informative and spot on, the memorable part was his drinking demonstration before, during and after the presentation.  Many attendees where surprised he made it through the end.

Mark Trumpbour and redpantz organized a great event in SummerCon 2012 that was rich in content and a comfortable social atmosphere.

The after party (burlesque) was just as entertaining as the actual conference and I will leave it at that…

Cannot wait for next year’s event!

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