Costco Phishing Scam

Please be aware of a new – at least to me – scam attempt that appears to come from Costco. Especially if you really ordered something from Costco, and are waiting for it to be delivered. You will get a very official looking e-mail from a fake “Costco shipping manager”, with a subject “expedited delivery problem”, or somethint equally alarming. There will be Costco logos all over it. The text of the e-mail will be something like this:
Unfortunately the delivery of your order COS-0012411499 was cancelled since the specified address of the recipient was not correct. You are recommended to complete this form and send it back with your reply to us.

Please do this within the period of one week – if we dont get your timely reply you will be paid your money back less 21% since your order was booked for Christmas.
There will be links in the body of the e-mail, so make sure you DO NOT CLICK ON THEM. You will download yourself some nasty virus or something equally unpleasant. Instead, run the full header and the conveniently provided links through Spamcop, and complain. Stay safe, have good holidays.

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  1. em woo
    em woo says:

    Yep, also the same scam with a Wal mart and a Target heading. Same format, but of course, the e-mail is no where near legit. Can’t we bring back capital punishment for these creeps?

  2. Lee
    Lee says:

    yes ordered a sauna online from Costco, someone changed my shipping address, canceled to order, notified Costco, they just deny everything… still have not gotten my $$ refunded, notified Attorney G. office also will notify BBB


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