DerbyCon 2011 Review


DerbyCon is a new hacker’s conference held this past weekend in Louisville, Kentucky.  Hans Bosch (@hans_bosch ) of NY, a (@SecurityOrb) contributor had the opportunity to attend and shared some positive notes with me about the conference.

Hans stated, “The hacker space was the spot early on Friday night with fire breathing ponies igniting the alley way while attendees shared greetings and stories since their last encounter”.  Hans also discussed the many informative presentations he attended at the conference but stated, “One of my favorite talks was presented by int0x80 (of Dualcore)”.  int0x80’s presentation titled, “Anti-Forensics for the Louise” reviewed clever techniques to protect your OS from forensic analysis, these were not just discussions about encrypting your hard drive, but simple yet ingenious ways of preventing unauthorized access to your device.  For example, one can remove the kernel from the hard drive, booting from a USB device and modifying the MBR to clean house when not booted correctly.

Hans also stated, the conference was held in a convenient location that offered other types of attractions, such as bars, restaurants, shop and even bowling at 4th Street Live.  In addition to the above-mentioned venues, gambling on the casino boat was nice as well.

A Twitter post today also provided information the organizers of DebryCon raised $13,617.00 for Johnny Long’s organization, HackersforCharity which places computer classrooms in some of the world’s poorest countries in Africa.

In fact, I reviewed many positive tweets on Twitter over the weekend as well as today about the conference, presentations, presenters and new friendships.  A tweet by @dualcoremusic, who provided entertainment for the Rapid 7 after-hours party, stated, “@Derbycon is a must-attend next year.”  and I certainly plan too…

Congratulations to the DerbyCon organizers, staff and attendees for a successful event…



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