Effective password testing using Metasploit

This is from a Rapid7 email:

Effective password testing using Metasploit

Software vulnerabilities receive most of the limelight in network security, but weak, shared, and mismanaged passwords are often the biggest threat to most organizations.

Assessing password issues can be difficult; many problems are not visible to standard security tools and few if any organizations include extensive password testing, outside of offline cracking, into their assessment process.

In this technical webinar for IT and security engineers, HD Moore shows participants how to test their network for common password mistakes, using a combination of open source and commercial tools. This webinar will include a special section highlighting recent research into SSH public key issues.

When: Thursday, January 19th, 2 pm -3 pm EST

Presenter: HD Moore, CSO at Rapid7 and Chief Architect, Metasploit

HD is Chief Security Officer at Rapid7 and Chief Architect of Metasploit, the leading open-source penetration testing platform. HD founded the Metasploit Project in the summer of 2003 with the goal of becoming a public resource for exploit code research and development. Prior to joining Rapid7 and continuing his work on the Metasploit Framework, HD was the Director of Security Research at BreakingPoint Systems, where he focused on the content and security testing features of the BreakingPoint product line. Prior to BreakingPoint, HD spent seven years providing vulnerability assessments, leading penetration tests, and developing exploit code.

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