Feb Edition of Hackin9 – Network Security

Another exciting edition of Hackin9 is out and you can download it here.  Information about this edition is located below:

·  Wuala – Secure Online Storage

There are a lot of online storage/backup solutions available nowadays and it is hard to find differences between them, but I think Wuala from LACIE may have something unique in the way their solution works.


·  A Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking


·  A Security System That Changed The World

Enterprise data is a valuable corporate asset, and therefore ensuring it’s over integrity is an issue of superior business cycle model to any commercial or government organization.


·  Get in through the backdoor: Post exploitation with Armitage

IT professionals have a dated image of hacking. Many picture the process as running nmap, finding an exploit, and running it to compromise a server.


·  Breaking The Code: Brute Forcing The Encryption Key

There’s no way around it, cryptography is an aspect of our digital lives that’s becoming more and more prevalent.


·  Is Data Secure on the Password Protected Blackberry Device?

People who have ever heard of password utility think the usage of it can protect their private data. There are, however, several ways to steal a lot of information in spite of the fact that device locked by password. These ideas are not complicated to first-time malware developer.


·  Examine your Network With Nmap What is network Scanning?

Network scanning is an important part of network security that any system administrator must be comfortable with. Network scanning usally consists of a port scanner and vulnerability scanner.


·  Network Security – Data Breaches

There doesn’t appear to be a day that passes where we don’t hear about a corporate or government network data breach (http://datalossdb.org/) in the media. Whatever individuals or businesses do, we all fail miserably when it comes to protecting our most valued assets – personal and financial information.


·  What is Good Enough Coverage?

Everything we buy, build, or test in the security space calls itself full coverage, complete coverage, or all you’ll ever need. But we all know no product could possibly say they can be full coverage, as in they’ll cover every threat you could be faced with.


·  Exploring GCIH certification for fun and employability

Do you remember the time when you used to read everything you got on Internet from underground e-zines to README files? How many years of professional experience do you have? This really counts. Enhance your skill set by challenging this certification exam! There’s no more room to discuss whether it’s good or bad being certified. The market needs it.


·  Certification Smart?

A job in computers is a position of experience; if you don’t have experience the next best thing is a computer certification.

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