Internet Explorer 8 blocks a billion malware downloads

James Pratt, Microsoft’s Product Manager stated in a blog post , “The SmartScreen team just informed me that we’ve reached an amazing milestone – Internet Explorer 8 has blocked 1 billion attempts to download malware!”

The SmartScreen Filter evaluates URLs and their associated servers. If the software recognizes a server as containing malicious content, it displays a warning, saying it is unsafe to browse to a respective site that could cause harm on the user’s computer. The user is then given the option to continue to the page or go back to their home page without downloading any content.

SecurityOrb, LLC and members from the Tech Talk Show discussed the matter in a recent BlogTalkRadio program.  Consensus is that, due to Microsoft’s security vulnerabilities in its operating system and IE browsers, this news is not a surprise.  The use of IE8 users base grew from a year ago, so it is only logical, the numbers would increase pertaining to blocked malware.

In a CNET posting, Don Reisinger stated, “Of course, whether Microsoft’s ability to block a billion malware download attempts is really something to gloat about is up for debate.  On one hand, the company seems to be doing a better job of keeping users safe.  On the other, the fact that that many attempts have been made might speak to security issues that still plague the Windows ecosystem.  Regardless, it seems that Microsoft is turning its blocking abilities into a positive thing. And to some extent, it’s commendable.

But that won’t stop me from choosing Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox over Internet Explorer.”


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