3.0 Not Off to a Good Start – Availabilty Issues

On October 11, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) unveiled its much-anticipated and newly designed 3.0 federal job search website which had been in development for over a year.  The new launching of the website has been introduced with many negative complaints from frustrated users.

Many of the issues with the site stems from users struggling to navigate the redesigned job search website to the numerous error messages, data disappearing from one page to the next as well as the underdeveloped search features.

Penny Mayo stated, “The so called new USA Jobs site is absolutely terrible.” While Bobby Nathan Jr. expressed, “The “Search Jobs” feature needs to add ability to search by the “Jobs Category”. This would allow me to search, for example, Accounting and Financial jobs as a group” was previously operated and hosted by, but now OPM has taken over the operation and hosting functions on their own servers.

In fact, the OPM has had its fair share of issues with its website this year.  In August of 2011, more than 70,000 federal job applications were lost or partially lost during an outage to update an application support system connected to site.  In total, more than 54 agencies had to be notified to implement contingencies due to the lost applications.

Dan Thibodeau, OPM’s Web Manager posted on the USAJobs Facebook page, “We are still working on the error messages that some of you are getting, and we won’t stop working until it’s corrected!”.

You can view or express your feeling about the new website on OPM’s Facebook page.

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