Energy Dept. Hack Details Emerge

By Mathew J. Schwartz |  InformationWeek

The Department of Energy has disclosed new information concerning a recent cyberattack that compromised employees’ personally identifying information (PII).

According to an email sent to all DOE employees on Aug. 29, information on 2,532 current employees, 3,172 former employees and seven employees on leave was stolen in the breach, which occurred in July. “The sensitive PII data compromised was limited to names, dates of birth and social security numbers,” the internal memo stated. The stored information did not include banking, credit card or clearance information, according to the memo, which said that no information related to agency contractors had been compromised.

A spokesman for the DOE wasn’t immediately available to confirm that it sent the memo, but an agency source confirmed its authenticity. Agency officials have so far declined to respond to all requests for comment on the breach.

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