Hong Kong Police Database breached and Leaked on Pastebin by Portugal Cyber Army

An interesting article from our partners at HackersNewsOnline.com about the Portugal Cyber Army breaching and leaking the HongKong database.  Read more below:

A recent Tweet which came to us tells something about the database breach in the Admin Panel of Hong Kong Police, Two Hackers Group Portugal Cyber Army & HighTech Brazil HackTeam  managed to breach the data of Hong Kong Police and leaked that socially on Pastebin (Pastebin link is Below), this is not first time of Database hacking it regularly in the process by Hackers.

Last week Hackers were managed to hack credit card details of users from Linode by a Database breach and this is the Third Database breach which we reported this month.

Read more at the HackersNewsOnline website here.

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