Xbox ‘Hacker’ Reveals Why He Attacked Consoles

Sony hack: The most bizarre tech story of 2014

Major theater chains had just announced their refusal to show the film as scheduled on Christmas Day, fearing threats of violence from the computer …
Xbox and PlayStation tackle cyber attacks

To make the most of the Xbox and PlayStation consoles, players have to connect to the internet in order to reach the console manufacturers’ computer …
Security experts skeptical North Korea behind Sony hack, NY Times reports

Some private security researchers are voicing doubts that North Korea was behind the hack of Sony’s computer systems, The New York Times reports.
Backlash against Sony hacking crisis is underway

… behind the huge cyber hack of Sony Pictures, the studio behind the movie. … audits by a third party regarding the security of its computer systems.
Cyber Wars and the Legal Lessons from the Sony Hack

At its core, the story of “what went wrong” at Sony boils down to two inexcusable problems: (1) Sony failed to secure its computer systems, servers, and …
Nudes and North Korea: A Year In “Hacktivism”

The one thing that many people may forget however, which made a major impact on the year, is computer hacking. Between the famed “hacktivist” …
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