CWSP – Certified Wireless Security Professional

The CWSP exam is an advanced level wireless LAN certification developed by Planet3 Wireless. This exam is a part of the Certified Wireless Network Program (CWNP). The exam tests your ability on how well you are able to protect your company’s valuable data from hackers. For anyone desiring a career in IT or Security this is a certification you cannot afford to be without.

The CWSP is the first nationally recognized wireless security exam offering in the United States. While this exam is has been around for several years, it is probably one of the best kept secrets. However when securing employment with major corporations in the area of wireless security, you will find that employers are looking for this certification.

One of the great fears around wireless is security. The one thing that beats fear is education. I applaud Planet3 Wireless on the job they have done in providing an exam that is both comprehensive and accurate. This vendor neutral exam really outlines the security solutions that are available today and more importantly how the solution should be utilized. The exam looks at the customer’s infrastructure and not the vendor’s product. You will find that the exam leaves no stone unturned.

Test Preparation:
The best study material to date other than real world experience is a combination of the following

1. CWSP Instructor-led Training
2. CWSP Study Guide
3. Practice Test

Ideally, your chances are better for passing the exam when you combined all three of these methods. However, money and time constraints sometimes prevent this from happening.

Exam Prerequisites:
There is only one prerequisite. Individuals attempting to take this exam must be CWNA certified. (Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) is another wireless certification through Planet3 Wireless which deals with wireless administration). While not a requirement, it is recommended that testers have their Security+ and/or SCP certification.

Exam Registration #:

Exam Cost:
The exam can be purchased for $175.00 USD.

Exam Format:
The CWSP exam is a 90 minute timed exam which consists of 60 scenario based questions. You are required to obtain a passing score of 70%. Should you have an interests in being an instructor, the passing score requirements are a little more stringent. A passing score of 80% is required.

Exam Content
You will find that the exam covers three basic areas; Wireless LAN Security Solutions, Wireless LAN Intrusion, and Wireless LAN Security Policies. The exam goes into deeper detail by highlighting the topic below:

* Wireless Security Principles
* Intrusion Techniques
* How Networks are Compromised
* Intrusion Detection Systems
* Layer 2 Wireless VPNs
* SOHO/SMB 802.1X/EAP Security
* Enterprise Wireless Gateways
* Secure Wireless Bridging
* Wireless LAN Switching
* Wireless VLANs and EAP Types
* Secure Wireless LAN Management
* Wireless VPN Routers

Exam Location:
The exam is nationally recognized and can be taken through any Authorized Thompson Prometric Testing Center. For locations in your area, check out

I highly recommend anyone who is going into the field of security wired or wireless to take this exam.

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