iPhone Kill Switch: How Effective Is It?

An interesting article from Darkreading by Eric Zeman  titled ” iPhone Kill Switch: How Effective Is It?”

My iPhone 6 Plus was picked from my pocket in Barcelona in March as I walked home from dinner one evening. After speaking to local police for a few moments, I ran back to my hotel to locate the phone through Apple’s Find My iPhone tool. Too late. The thieves had already turned it off.

I always protect my phones, tablets, and computers with a password, so I was not worried about the thieves cracking into my handset and rooting through my personal information. Similarly, I backed the device up regularly, so there was nothing vital on the phone that I didn’t have stored elsewhere.

Last, I took advantage of the remote erase and lock functions so when the thieves turned the phone back on the first thing it would do was delete all my data and then turn into a useless brick.

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