The Top 5 Free Network Security Vulnerability Security Scanners

A vulnerability scanner is software application that assesses security vulnerabilities in networks or host systems and produces a set of scan results. However, because both administrators and attackers can use the same tool for fixing or exploiting a system, administrators need to conduct a scan and fix problems before an attacker can do the same scan and exploit any vulnerabilities found. This article provides a general overview of vulnerability scanners

There are a number of free products available to conduct the task, has provided our top 5 free network vulnerability security scanners for your review.


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  1. Tim Thompson
    Tim Thompson says:

    Hi all. We use a combination of NMap for internal scans and IVS online ( for external scans. Both are very good, and more importantly free! Probably not as good as paid for versions, but still seem to be thorough. Hope that helps somebody!!


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