Why Did A Security Firm Mysteriously Ditch a ‘Privacy’ Product?

A posting from Forbes by Yael Grauer titled “Why Did A Security Firm Mysteriously Ditch a ‘Privacy’ Product?” :


Two weeks after Ben Caudill announced that he’d built a $200 hardware proxy which allows Internet users to mask their location, the Rhino Labs owner shut down his project. His much anticipated August appearance at DEF CON, the annual hacker convention in Las Vegas where he planned on selling the device at cost, was cancelled as well.

“People are always going to speculate despite what I say and don’t say,” Caudill told me when I asked him about the theory that he cancelled the project and talk for media attention. Although he repeatedly declined to offer details on the circumstances surrounding the cancellation, he pointed out that not all press is good press, and that the company had invested time and resources into the project. “The actual result of cancelling was for more negative than going through with it would have been,” he added, pointing out that a lot of time and energy and material costs were put into the project, which he worked on with a small team for about a year.


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