Hackin9 November Issue – Spyware – Someone is always watching…

Hackin9 November Issue – Spyware – Someone is always watching…

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·       Deploying & Utilizing Intrusion Detection Using Snorby

Snorby is an advanced Snort IDS front-end. Snorby has two basic fundamental pieces, which are simplicity and power. The project goal is to create a free, open source and highly competitive application for network monitoring in enterprise environments or private use.

– Joshua Morin

·       Malware Incident Response – Outbreak Scenario

This article applies to Microsoft OS on Intel Platform. With the ongoing threat of the Conficker Virus, which is still hanging like the sword of Damocles, it becomes very important to know and understand, what exactly needs to be done during a possible Virus Outbreak.

– Rajdeep Chakraborty

·       TDSS botnet – full disclosure

What is a botnet? A botnet is not merely an army of infected computers. First of all, a botnet is an externally managed complex structure. While the malware side is studied pretty well in most known botnets, the management side is often underestimated. The latter usually involves hacking and vulnerability exploitation, because server side scripts of a centralized botnet are hidden from public.

– Andrey Rassokhin and Dmitry Oleksyuk

·       When XOR is your friend…

Using a random enough input stream may sound like outright blasphemy to many if not all reading this; however in this article I will demonstrate when using it makes sense. One of my hobbies include creating crypto challenges where I hide an English message string in a block of numbers and letters. The first challenger that can correctly find what the message exactly states and demonstrate the algorithm used (usually in a programmatic fashion) they win a cash prize. I’ve learned over this year that in the past I had been making it far too difficult…

– Israel Torres

·       Proactive Defenses and Free Tools

In my last article, I described the greatest breach in cyber history and made some suggestions on how it could have been avoided – enabling strong wireless encryption, testing your wireless routers for vulnerabilities, visitinghttp://nvd.nist.gov, limiting the number of trusted devices allowed
on your wired and wireless networks and hardening your systems.

– Gary S. Miliefsky

·       Wuala – Secure Online Storage

– Michael Munt

·       Book review: A beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking

– Shyaam Sundhar

·       An analysis of the spyware threat and how to protect a PC

– Julian Evans

·       Electronic Cold War

– Matthew Jonkman

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