An Interview with Armitage and Cobalt Strike developer Raphael Mudge


On November 14, 2012, I had the opportunity to interview Raphael Mudge (@armitagehacker) the creator of Armitage and Cobalt Strike and the founder of Strategic Cyber, LLC.

Armitage is a free GUI add-on to Metasploit while Cobalt Strike is penetration-testing software focused on threat emulation.

To learn more about the Armitage and Cobalt Strike products you can visit the links below:

If you have used or tried Armitage and/or Cobalt Strike, please share your experiences with us below

About Raphael:
Raphael Mudge is the founder of Strategic Cyber LLC, a Veteran-owned business that creates software for red teams. Raphael created Armitage for Metasploit®, Cortana, and Cobalt Strike. His work made the cover of the Linux Journal, was seen on the Fox sitcom Breaking In, and is used by security professionals all over the world. Raphael speaks and writes on security topics and provides red team support to many Cyber Defense competitions across the country.

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