The SecurityOrb Show #001 – Jan. 9, 2013

The SecurityOrb Show #001

On this week’s show a discussion about our top 2013 IT Security prediction and also look into the reason why law enforcement agencies are asking congress to have cellphone providers hold on to our text messages for two years.

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  1. matt
    matt says:

    2 years? Why not just store text messages for 100 years? It’s this kind of bs that makes me wonder why the government doesn’t hire personal stenographers for every American and have them recorded 24/7? It’s essentially the same concept, only its easier for them and doesn’t cost them anything- only the wireless providers, which in turn drives up our bill. If the mail man made a copy of every personal letter (for 2 years) that reached our mailbox would we stand for it? Absolutely not. Just because technology makes invasion of privacy easier, doesn’t mean the government should practice it, or that we should allow them to do it!

  2. securityorb
    securityorb says:

    @Matt, we surely understand your feeling in this matter, but many individuals are not aware of the process and many feel there is nothing that can be done to protect their digital privacy and rights. It is a sticky situation right now.


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