Security Configuration Management – The Keys to the Digital Kingdom

IT security configurations serve as the keys to the digital kingdom of your organization’s IT infrastructure and its valuable data. Yet if you examined almost any enterprise organization, you’d find poor configuration settings. What’s more, you’d find little or no integration between configuration solutions and other IT security controls, when they can so clearly be leveraged to increase defensive posture.

Why is managing security configurations so difficult, and what can IT security do about it?

Join IANS faculty member, Diana Kelley on Wednesday, October 26th at 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern) and learn:

  • How hardened configuration files protect your organization’s valuable data by denying hackers the keys to get in
  • Examples of poor configuration, including complex configuration errors, and their consequences
  • Which capabilities define security configuration management (SCM), and a practical approach to implementation

Register for this webcast, then listen and learn how you can use SCM to protect your digital kingdom.

SCM – The Keys to
the Digital Kingdom

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

10 AM Pacific
1 PM Eastern

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