What’s New in Nexpose 5.0: The Next Generation in Vulnerability Management

This is from a Rapid7 email address we received today:

What’s New in Nexpose 5.0: The Next Generation in Vulnerability Management

Organizations across all industries and government agencies (at both the federal and state level) are struggling to mitigate constant cyber threats and comply with legislative or regulatory mandates. That’s nothing new in today’s information security landscape. What is new is that the new release of Rapid7 Nexpose provides a security risk intelligence solution that represents a paradigm shift in vulnerability management solutions.

With Nexpose 5.0, organizations can implement a proactive approach to risk management that leverages unique capabilities for:

• Continuous discovery of virtualized assets
• Clear identification of misconfigurations, malware threats and exploit exposure
• Effective prioritization of remediation tasks, and
• Customizable risk trending analytics across an entire IT infrastructure.


This integrated approach to security risk intelligence enables greater foresight into potential risks, addresses the increasingly complex security needs emerging from the widespread adoption of virtualization techniques and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of risk mitigation strategies.

Please join Kelly Martin, Director of Product Management for Rapid7 on Wednesday October 26 at 2pm to learn about the patent-pending new features of Nexpose 5.0 and see how they can help you improve your overall risk posture.

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