Code Theft: Protecting IP At The Source

An interesting article from DarkReading titled “Code Theft: Protecting IP At The Source” by Anna Chiang.


Your corporate assets are at risk and every day that you avoid taking action shortens the time until your IP will be leaked. Here are six steps toward better data security.

The security world is awash with various malware-centric cyber kill chain models and advanced styles of threat defense that focus on network traffic, payload, and endpoint analyses. But if you step back and look at what most security tools and frameworks are trying to accomplish at a very high level, it boils down to:

  • Detecting and/or blocking adversaries as they try to get inside your organization to steal your valuable data and intellectual property (IP)
  • Detecting and/or blocking adversaries as they try to exfiltrate that IP and data to use for their own purposes


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