Twitter Two-Factor Authentication: Too Little, Too Late?

A posting from Information week in there security section:  Can you feel the two-factor fever?

Following in the footsteps of Microsoft this month, Apple in March, and Facebook and Google before them,Twitter is now testing a two-factor authentication system to make it more difficult for attackers to hijack people’s accounts.

That’s welcome news in the wake of Twitter account takeovers ofBurger King and Jeep, not to mention the Syrian Electronic Army’s media-focused takeover campaign, which to date has compromised everyone from the BBC and Reuters to National Public Radio and the Associated Press. Indeed, one fake tweet — this week’s hoax AP report that the president was injured in a White House bomb blast — led to a temporary downturn in both the stock market and AP’s Twitter-following base. It also led many social media watchers to ask: Why has Twitter been so slow to offer information security improvements?

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