Windows 8 to get first ‘critical’ security update

Windows 8, available publicly for two weeks now, is getting its first security update Nov. 13. It includes three critical updates; Windows 8 RT, for Microsoft’s Surface tablet, has one critical update.

The vulnerabilities could allow a hacker to execute malicious code remotely on systems that aren’t protected. You can learn more here. You can make sure you get the updates by setting your computer to automatically accept updates from Microsoft.

There will be other updates too, for other versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Vista and XP, as well as for Internet Explorer.

Meanwhile, security firm Bitdefender said Friday in its own testing that Windows 8, using Microsoft’s own Windows Defender anti-malware protection, was “prone to infection” by 15 percent of the 100 malware “families most used by cyber criminals this year.”



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