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New Fake TweetDeck Update – Beware of Spreading Malware

Many TweetDeck users have awaken to an unfortunate surprise this morning when trying to launch the application. What is the unfortunate surprise you ask? “It did not work!” Twitter has recently implemented major changes to how other applications access your Twitter account and hackers have taken the opportunity by implementing a malware since they know millions of Twitter users will be looking for the new updates. The fake Tweetdeck update that is actually a Trojan virus. A Trojan virus is malware that appears to perform a desirable function for the user but instead facilitates unauthorized access of the user’s computer system.

Internet Safety: Content Filtering Software for Kids

Parents do not allow their kids access to adult content while reading a magazine or watching TV, so the same should be taken into consideration when it comes to using the computer and mobile phone. Yes, mobile phones too. Ideally, parents would like to shoulder surf while their kids are on the Internet, but the reality is that’s not always possible. Teaching kids to use the Internet properly and not to disclose personal information as describe in a recent article is a very important step in keeping them safe, but adding a bit of insurance with an Internet content filtering software geared towards protecting kids can also compliment a potential dangerous situation.

Child Safety on the Internet

The Internet has made it possible for people to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world. That is a scary thought when it comes to thinking about child safety on the Internet. On a daily basis, kids are on line communicating on chat rooms without adult supervision not really knowing the person on the end is who they claim to be.

Facebook “Dislike” Button a Scam

Facebook users are being targeted again in a scam that offers them a chance to install a “dislike” button. This scam has been making its way around Facebook this past weekend and it is said thousands of users have been affected, effected and infected.

The scam asks users if they would like to install a “dislike” button on their Facebook page, once they select the link the user are tricked into allowing a rogue application to access their profile page, which then begin post spam messages. The rouge application also attempts to lure the user into completing an online survey, for which the responsible party of the scam are paid money.

Google’s Android Targeted by Malware

Security experts at Kaspersky Lab stated they have discovered a malware application that targets the Google Android mobile operating system in Russia. The malware named “Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a” is the first of its kind specifically implement to target the Android mobile OS according to the researchers at Kaspersky Lab.

Adobe confirms PDF zero-day, plans rush patch

Adobe today said it would issue an emergency patch the week of Aug. 16 to fix a critical flaw in its Reader and Acrobat software.

The bug was disclosed by researcher Charlie Miller at last month’s Black Hat security conference when he demonstrated how the open-source BitBlaze toolkit could be used to boost bug-hunting productivity tenfold.

Microsoft Plans Emergency Windows Patch for Monday August 2nd

Microsoft stated they will issue an emergency patch for the critical Windows shortcut bug on Monday, Aug. 2. The patch is set to be released on Monday at around 10 a.m. California time. The news of this vulnerability surfaced 2 weeks ago and with an of attackers trying to exploit this vulnerability, Microsoft has taken an out-of-band approach to fix the problem. To date SecurityOrb.com has learned a few companies were comprimised by this bug.

Android Gets Hacked Again, Millions Affected Unknowingly, Advantage: Apple

A very interesting article from my friends at MacApper, they cover everything about Apple and Mac over. As the title stated, Google’s Android OS gets hacked again and it provides an advantage to Apple and its iPhone. Not sure if I feel the same way about that, but what is does say to me is that Apple’s AppStore vetting process does provide more security to the users than the more wide open style of Android. Enjoy Keri Facey’s full article here from MacApper.

Facebook Hacked or Not? – 100 Million User Profiles on Public Site

Recently in the media, there has been a big “commotion” about the 100 million Facebook profiles containing user IDs, names, URLs and other data that was obtained and place into a file and posted online by Ron Bowles a security consultant. The media and surprisingly many security professionals have been spinning this matter as massive hack on Facebook and its users, when it fact it really was not.