Facebook “Dislike” Button a Scam

Facebook has made its way in the news these past few days pertaining to a number of security and privacy related issues.  As reported on SecuriyOrb.com based in the Washington DC area, collection of 100 million Facebook profiles containing user data was obtained and place into a file and posted online security consultant last week.  Then a bug in Facebook’s login process revealed the full name, email address and profile picture of all 500 million Facebook account holders regardless of their privacy setting.  Now, Facebook users are being targeted again in a scam that offers them a chance to install a “dislike” button.  This scam has been making its way around Facebook this past weekend and it is said thousands of users have been affected, effected and infected.

The scam asks users if they would like to install a “dislike” button on their Facebook page, once they select the link the user are tricked into allowing a rogue application to access their profile page, which then begin post spam messages.  The rouge application also attempts to lure the user into completing an online survey, for which the responsible party of the scam are paid money.

Facebook already offers a “like” button that allows people to rate other Facebook user’s comments and posts, but many have been requesting a “dislike” option be implemented on Facebook as well.

For the moment Facebook has not added a “dislike” button to FB profiles so if you do see a status update which states that you can get the “dislike” button right now, SecurityOrb.com ask that you should ignore it.

For more information on Facebook privacy matters and other security related topics, please visit: www.securityorb.com

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