CBT Nuggets Review of the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Course

 Product Review by Ron McClellan, CISSP

1. The CBT Nuggets site is a good resource for online video training.  There were a few minor issues that come with age, such as the site intermemos.com no longer being available, but away from that, the content and presentation of the material was really good and easy to follow.

The training package went into a lot of detail and in some cases going over the really basic information that most candidates for the CEH should already have a full grasp on, at least in my opinion.  The prices are fair and consistent with other training sites, the one thing I would point out is if you get the 30 day license, you really need to make sure you have the time during that month to complete the training; there are approximately 11 and ½ hours of material in this course.

2. I tested the software through the web interface, using both Firefox 3.6 and Internet Explorer 8, and had no issues other than the one mentioned below on Figure 3.  Simply clicking on the “Launch Player” button will provide you with a list of the courses.  Very easy to navigate to the various courses and sub-sections.

3. CBTNuggets uses a nice web interface, as you see in the yellow square on Figure 2.; this is how each course is presented with each section listed below.  The center section provides a whiteboard view with an instructor overview of the information as it is presented.  One feature that I liked was the ability to keep notes for each section, as seen on the right side of Figure 2 and it also allows you to save and print those notes as well.

I did get recurring error messages at one point during one section of the review as shown below in Figure 3:

This issue was corrected by exiting from the site, clearing the cache and going back into the site and everything functioned correctly.

4. Usage

–  Downloading the MP3s is painfully slow, even with an OC3 pipe to the Internet, only getting an average of 65K download speed.

– Given the course name/content, sections 2-4 seem to be a little bit of too basic.

5. Overall, I will give the CBTNuggets’ CEH training course 4 out of 5 Orbs.

Since 1999, respected companies, non-profits, IT departments, and individuals trust CBT Nugget videos for their training needs.  For more information you can contact them with the below information:





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