Core Security Technologies present IT SECURITY WEBCAST with Ed Skoudis, Josh Wright, and Kevin Johnson

Pen Testing Perfect Storm Part VI: “We Love Cisco!”

Date and Time: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 2pm EDT/ 11am PDT (GMT -4:00, New York)

All registrants will receive a link to the webcast recording after the live session.

About this webcast:

During this webcast, security swashbucklers Ed Skoudis, Joshua Wright and Kevin Johnson will return with more penetration testing madness and demonstrate techniques that you can use to proactively assess the security of Cisco networking equipment throughout your organization.

You’ll learn how to…


* Use XSS vulns and Project Yokoso to discover Cisco-centric management interfaces

* Abuse web interfaces for infrastructure control

* Leverage SNMP-to-telnet access escalation for switch pwnage

* Conduct privlege escalation with switch mirror ports

* Engaged in VLAN hopping for fun and profit

* Set up your own virtual routing lab for practice and testing

Speakers: Ed Skoudis, Josh Wright, and Kevin Johnson


CORE also invite you to review the slide presentations from the first three parts of this webcast series:

Part I: Combining Network, Web App and Wireless into the Ultimate Pen Test

Part II: Anatomy of a Client-Side Mutiny

Part III: Network Reconstructive Surgery

Part IV: We Love Miscrosoft!

Part V: We Love Adobe!


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  1. Keith
    Keith says:

    This might be a stupid question… but how do you register? I’ve been looking for a few days. I wont be able to attend but would like a recording.


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