CTF365.com Website Hacked and User Information dumped on Pastebin

Yesterday I received a strange email displayed below. The email stated, “You’ve been compromised by cyberselfie” in the subject line. The email went on further to state.cft_img1

The security of a pentesting lab… a fucking joke…and they expect people to pay for such a crappy platform where the security is shit!!!


I knew I had created an account on CTF365.com a while ago, I had heard some really good things about the site at a security conference, so my interested peaked and I immediately went over the their site. When I got there to my surprise I was greeted with the following page.









So what is CTF365.com?

CTF365 is a “Security Training Platform for IT industry with a focus on Security Professionals, System Administrators and Web Developers”. The Platform implements CTF (Capture The Flag) concepts and leverages gamification mechanics to improve retention rate and speed up the learning/training curve.


As of this morning, the site is still not functional, but we hope they can recover soon. The site provided a great training platform to individuals interested in learning more about information security defense and attacks in a fun manner. I have reached out to the staff on CTF365.com for more information.  Below are some of their resent tweet about the breach.



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