Cybercriminal Group Spying On US, European Businesses For Profit

An informative article by  kelly jackson higgins  at dark reading   titled “Cybercriminal Group Spying On US, European Businesses For Profit”

Symantec, Kaspersky Lab spot Morpho’ hacking team that hit Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter expanding its targets to lucrative industries for possible illegal trading purposes.

A team of attackers tied to previous hacks of Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter, has quietly expanded its cyber espionage operation to snooping on and stealing intellectual property from multi-billion dollar firms in the pharmaceutical, software, Internet, oil and metal mining commodities sectors in the US, Europe, and Canada.

But unlike most cyber espionage groups, this is no nation state-sponsored hacking operation. According to researchers at Symantec who have been investigating the so-called Morpho organization for the past two years, this cyberspying operation appears to be run by an organized crime ring with possible US ties. Some 49 different organizations across 20 nations, most in the US, have been hit by the Morpho group, which mainly has set its sights on the victim organizations’ Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino email servers to spy on corporate correspondence or possibly insert phony emails.

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