Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Levels

The CMMC model has five defined levels, each with a set of supporting practices and processes, illustrated in Figure 2.  Practices range from Level 1 (basic cyber hygiene) and to Level 5 (advance/progressive).  In parallel, processes range from being performed at Level 1, to being documented at Level 2, to being optimized across the organization at Level 5.  To meet a specific CMMC level, an organization must meet the practices and processes within that level and below.

Each of the levels is described in more detail below.

Level 1

CMMC Level 1 focuses on basic cyber hygiene and consists of the safeguarding requirements specified in 48 CFR 52.204-21.  The Level 1 practices establish a foundation for the higher levels of the model and must be completed by all certified organizations. Not every domain within CMMC has Level 1 practices. At both this level and Level 2, organizations may be provided with FCI. FCI is information not intended for public release. It is provided by or generated for the Government under a contract to develop or deliver a product or service to the Government. FCI does not include information provided by the Government to the public. While practices are expected to be performed, process maturity is not addressed at CMMC Level 1, and therefore, a CMMC Level 1 organization may have limited or inconsistent cybersecurity maturity processes.

Level 2

CMMC Level 2 focuses on intermediate cyber hygiene, creating a maturity-based progression for organizations to step from Level 1 to 3.  This more advanced set of practices gives the organization greater ability to both protect and sustain their assets against more cyber threats compared to Level 1.  CMMC Level 2 also introduces the process maturity dimension of the model. At CMMC Level 2, an organization is expected to establish and document standard operating procedures, policies, and strategic plans to guide the implementation of their cybersecurity program.

Level 3 

An organization assessed at CMMC Level 3 will have demonstrated good cyber hygiene and effective implementation of controls that meet the security requirements of NIST SP 800-171 Rev 1. Organizations that require access to CUI and/or generate CUI should achieve CMMC Level 3.  CMMC Level 3 indicates a basic ability to protect and sustain an organization’s assets and CUI; however, at CMMC Level 3, organizations will have challenges defending against advanced persistent threats (APTs).  Note that organizations subject to DFARS clause 252.204-7012 will have to meet additional requirements such as incident reporting.  For process maturity, a CMMC Level 3 organization is expected to adequately resource activities and review adherence to policy and procedures, demonstrating management of practice implementation.

Level 4

At CMMC Level 4, an organization has a substantial and proactive cybersecurity program.  The organization has the capability to adapt their protection and sustainment activities to address the changing tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) in use by APTs. For process maturity, a CMMC Level 4 organization is expected to review and document activities for effectiveness and inform high-level management of any issues.

Level 5

At CMMC Level 5, an organization has an advanced or progressive cybersecurity program with a demonstrated ability to optimize their cybersecurity capabilities.  The organization has the capability to optimize their cybersecurity capabilities in an effort to repel APTs. For process maturity, a CMMC Level 5 organization is expected to ensure that process implementation has been standardized across the organization.

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