Enabling a CAC Card Reader on Ubuntu 10.04

I recently installed Ubuntu 10.04 on a PC and for those of you who utilize a Linux or a Mac-based system with a need to access a CAC card reader you are in luck.  I have researched all over the Internet and found the best site with full instruction on how installed a CAC reader that will work with Ubuntu and Firefox 3.

Now, if it does not immediately work, you may need to update the firmware.  You can do so by typing a few commands in a terminal window, it will update your system and the CAC card will be able to operate normally.  The process should only take about 10 to implement from start to end.  During the setting up process, the installation and activation of media codec and streaming plug-ins needed for government websites will occur, and thus allowing you to configure your Firefox to read your CAC card reader.

I also tested out the process with the new version of Ubuntu 11.4, when I launched Firefox and tried to login to a government website using the CAC card reader the system crashed.  I’m not sure if the bugs were fixed but as of now I’m will be using Ubuntu 10.04.

For more information go to: https://militarycac.com/index.htm, and for Linux users go to http://militarycac.com/linux.htm

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