Even Thor Couldn’t save “Blackhat”

I was looking forward to this movie and really hoped it lived up to the hype and the directing ability of Michael Mann. So you already know where I’m coming from based on the title, but to take it a step or two further with the SciFi references, the Avengers could not even make this movie worth a rental at Redbox. If you’re looking for a good movie or a hacking movie, you’ve want to skip this movblackhat-image-chris-hemsworth-viola-davis-600x253ie altogether. You would think that this movie given recent events relating to hacking in the world, that it would come out keyboards a blazing.

From the very poor, cheesy even, representation of how data flows across networks and SCADA devices to the hacker getting the girl in what seemed like a few hours, it was just hard to sit through. I found myself looking for anything to dig my teeth into, I even got excited when I saw a quick screen shot of netcat (2 second shot of a backdoor command “nc” being shown) being used.

Let’s face it here, the term “Blackhat” is related to hacking but it’s clear they didn’t have anybody on the set that knew what that meant little less, knew how to handle that on the big screen. The series “24” had much more realistic views of hacking and how to depict it

Ok, so I’ve beat the movie up from a “this is not a hacking movie” so let’s look at it on the merits of a good movie. The movie did not grab my attention at all and apparently didn’t grab the attention of at least 2 other people in the theater as they were on their phones after about 20-30 minutes. Usually this bothers me a lot, but to tell the truth I trailer-for-michael-manns-blackhat-thriller-with-chris-hemsworththought about pulling my phone out too. So its opening weekend, yes, it was Sunday and there was a football game on, but still there was only about a dozen people there for this showing and I think the girls were just there for Hemsworth. So the plot was slow to form and kept getting lost to me, until there was a sudden and abrupt end that really made no sense at all, other than to show that the hacker learned how to make a shank in prison.

To quote my girlfriend “The final confrontation between the “hero” and the bad guy was rushed and improbable”.   The characters were not well thought out and casting could have been better, but still don’t think it would have helped the script. I could spend hours picking this movie apart, but I really saw no saving graces for this movie it was a waste of a good movie title to me. Lastly, the title of a movie should relate to the subject matter, in this case it was only maybe 5% related in conception and generalities not in real content.

Did you see the movie, what is your opinion of it, please share it with us.

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