Focused Black Hat 2013 Trainings Examine Incident Response, Malware

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Verizon’s 2013 DBIR indicates that 40% of breaches involved malware, and rapid analysis often falls to incident responders. Malware Analysis: Black Hat Edition provides a rapid intro to the tools and methodologies of Windows malware analysis. Attendees will learn how to observe malware’s actions through disassembly and debugging, extract host and network-based indicators, and zeroing in on the Windows APIs most used by malware authors. Hands-on labs will abound, and everyone will receive a copy of Mike Sikorski’s “Practical Malware Analysis.”

Despite the staggering number of reported breaches in the past year, the typical IT staffer lacks the necessary and specialized training to properly respond. Digital Forensics and Incident Response takes up that slack, offering attendees both the theory behind digital forensics and hands-on experience with real-life situations and evidence. Upon the Training’s completion, students will be able to effectively preserve and analyze a large number of digital evidence sources, skills that are immediately useful in a number of investigative scenarios.

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