Meetup’s Service Outage

Meetup’s Service Outage

Update 3/2/14 at 7:00 am EST

For more details on the DDoS attack and Meetup’s response, read this account from Scott Heiferman, Meetup’s Co-Founder and CEO.

Update 3/2/14 at 8:23 pm EST

We hate to say it, but Meetup is down again as of 8:09 pm EST. We continue to be hit by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Organizer and member data is secure, including credit card information. No data has been accessed or stolen.

Our team has not stopped fighting this attack since it began, and we will continue to work hard to bring Meetup back up. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

Status 3/2/14 at 11:52 am EST 

Meetup’s website and apps remain widely available. While you can access the site, some features will not work as expected.  We thank you again for your patience as we do everything we can to bring site functionality back to normal.

  • Email service on the Meetup platform has been restored, but it will take time for the backlog of emails to send and for service to return to normal.
  • If your group has a custom domain, that URL should work again
  • Photos should now be accessible on the site

Status 3/2/14 at 1:53 am EST

Meetup is up for most people right now. Our website came online at midnight EST, and our apps became available at 1:15 am EST. While this is obviously great news, it’s possible we’ll see intermittent outages in the hours ahead, and we’re still working on restoring full functionality.

We genuinely thank everyone for your patience. Our team is doing everything we can to keep Meetup up and reliable because all of us are in on this mission to create community together.

Status 3/1/14 at 10:54 pm EST

Meetup’s website and apps are still down due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Organizer and member data is secure, including credit card information. No data has been accessed or stolen.

While this has been a major inconvenience for many organizers and members, we’ve been inspired by countless stories of people who keep meeting up. Rest assured, our team will not stop working on this until service is fully restored.

Status 3/1/14 at 5:10 pm EST

Unfortunately, Meetup is under a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack again, resulting in service outage for our website and apps. Our team is hard at work and fighting back.

Status 3/1/14 at 11:55 am EST

Our website and our apps are widely available. (We are aware that there are some places where the site and apps still need to be restored.)

Our engineers continue to work to bring all functionality back to normal. Email functionality was restored yesterday, but as of now, not all backlogged emails have been successfully delivered. This is a top priority for our team through the weekend.

Status 2/28/14 at 8:14 pm EST

Our website and our apps are widely accessible. Unfortunately Meetup is still not available in all locations. We made substantial changes to our infrastructure in order to end the attack. It takes a while for changes of this size to be distributed across the Internet, and that happens over time.

While most people can access Meetup, some functionality is not available. As of 5 pm EST, email functionality was restored. Please note, it will take hours for backlogged emails to send.

Our team is working urgently to restore full functionality as quickly as possible. We appreciate your support and patience.

Status 2/28/14 at 11:13 am EST

In a DDoS attack, a bad actor overwhelms a network with traffic with the explicit goal of making services unavailable.  That’s exactly what happened in our case.

Our engineers are working urgently to resolve the issue, and the website and the apps may be intermittently unavailable. We know this is a major inconvenience.

The Meetup community exists because all of you keep showing up.  We will continue to work hard behind the scenes to make Meetup a safe and secure platform for organizers and members.  We can’t thank you enough for being a part of it.


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