EC-Council Update: 2/25/14 07:00

DNS Propagation is still in process around the world however major DNS providers have updated to the new data. With respect to our release yesterday, our Internal Response team has been closely monitoring our third party vendors.

EC-Council has launched an international cooperative effort with law enforcement entities based on information uncovered during our analysis of this incident. Our cooperation with Law Enforcement is two-fold. First is to establish subpoena’s on third party vendors where computer crimes took place, second is for justice.

We would like to thank the many Information Security professionals who openly keep the community informed, DNS Hijacking is illegal. We will work with the authorities to ensure to the best of our ability the individual(s) responsible are held accountable.

This is a clear example of what we have always taught; No one can ever be completely secure. Although EC-Council servers remained untouched, a vulnerability in our third party DNS vendor led to this DNS Hijacking incident, rendering our main website unavailable for a short period of time.

While this investigation is ongoing and subpoenas will take time, we are dedicated to keep our customers and partners apprised of all progress.

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