Scammers waste no time in exploiting Steve Jobs’ death

This is no surprise, scammers have taken big news events such as Michael Jackson and Mel Gibson’s death as well as the Haiti and Japan earthquakes to name a few topics to either profit or spread malware.  This article by Ted Samson of InfoWorld explains the latest victim to this trend…  Steve Jobs of Apple.

By Ted Samson | InfoWorld
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“As much of the world mourns the passing of Steve Jobs — one of the technology industry’s greatest visionaries — the bottom feeders of the cyber crime world are greedily exploiting the tragedy through scams promising unwitting users a chance to win a free iPad.

Sophos has reported in its Naked Security blog on one such scam already circulating via Facebook that reads as follows: “In memory of Steve, a company is giving out 50 ipads tonight. R.I.P. Steve Jobs,” followed by a tailored link ending with “restinpeace-steve-jobs.” Clicking the link takes users to one of countless malicious Web pages.”


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