Apple’s iDevices Gets Latest Patch against Latest Jailbreak Issue

As we discussed a few days ago in a previous article titled, “Jailbreaking Apple’s Mobile iProducts Get Easier “ the eagerly awaited patch for the remote jailbreaking of iDevices was released yesterday August 11th.

Apparently, everyone was waiting for the update, while small in size and a quick download for the iPad, the same could not be said for the iPhone.  The patch for the iPhone took over an hour for the 300+ MB file to be downloaded.  The latest versions are now 4.0.2 for the iPhone and 3.2.2 for the iPad.

The patch has been released with no support for first generation devices; I guess that is one way to get people to upgrade to new devices and a way for Apple to increase their profit margins.

For those who jail-broke their phones on their own, if you patch your phone the device will be restored back to Apple’s specifications and no longer jail-broken.

Security experts have urge everyone, jailbreakers included, to apply Apple’s update that fixes the vulnerabilities in iOS that can be used to hijack iPhones and iPads though

Cydia jailbreak repository has another fix that allows the user to keep their jailbroken phone intact, but beware of suspicious PDF files.

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