Jailbreaking Apple’s Mobile iProducts Get Easier

As the popularity of the small Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) take off, they are drawing the attention of hackers.  Some hackers just want to access the OS so they can remove roadblocks for application customization and to add unauthorized tools and programs, while others might want to do damage or steal your information.

The two different groups of hackers have different motives but both look to do the same thing and that is get access at the core of the mobile devices and makes the system do more.  This type of hacking is called “jailbreaking” or “jailbreak”, which basically replaces the operating system on your device with an “enhanced” version, which may allow you to download additional programs, get more customization on your device or add more functionality.

Last week the website “jailbreakme’dot’com” publicly announced that they can do a website based jailbreak of your device.  That is all and well for those that want to jailbreak their device (may be harmful to your device), but it was recently discovered that you could jailbreak someone else’s device, remotely, yes remotely.  This as you can imagine, has caused a stir among users of these devices.  Apple has said they have created a patch for the issue, but there is no present release date at this time.

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