Flash zero-day leaks out from “Hacking Team” hack, patch expected Real Soon Now

An informative article by paul duckin titled  ” flash zero-day leak out from hacking team  hack, patch expected real soon”

Wouldn’t you just know it!

Last night we wrote about how Flash troubles come in threes, like those proverbial buses:

Stop the presses!

Make that four buses that just arrived at once.

Earlier this week, a Italian company with the unequivocal name of Hacking Team…

…got hacked, to put not too fine a point on it.

Hacking Team is, indeed, into hacking – controversially, as it happens, because its main line of business is selling hacking and interception capabilities at a country level.

You might therefore expect a company of that sort to have had some vulnerabilities and exploits up its sleeve.

Apparently, that turns out to have been correct, though we say “to have had” because they’re no longer “up its sleeve.”

Thanks to a giant data dump published by the hackers who hacked the hackers, the zero-day cat is out of the bag.

Adobe emergency bulletin

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