Hackers attacked Computers with the help of Google researcher’s report

An article from HackersNewsBullentin.com:

Two Months ago, a bug in windows disclosed by a Google Researcher Tavis Ormandy, who came under fire at the time for publicizing the flaw without going to the software company first.

Now Microsoft said the hackers have attacked some of the computers by that bug which was disclosed by that Google Researcher two months ago.

Microsoft released an advisory on Tuesday, they said:

Hackers had launched “targeted attacks,” a term generally used by security experts to refer to cyberattacks on corporate or government targets, with espionage and sabotage as the motive.

Google security engineer Tavis Ormandy’s disclosure in May was controversial because he posted technical information on the web that described the bug in the Windows operating system, which some experts said could help malicious hackers launch attacks, before Microsoft had released software to fix it.

Read more on their site here.

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