How to Reset or Create a Password for OpenVas

The password to access OpenVas vulnerability scanner with username ‘admin’ is created during the initial setup.  At times you forget the password or want to reset it.  This can be accomplished by resetting the password using the following command:

To change admin password:
sudo openvasmd — –user=admin — –new-password=letmein

Then logon using admin for the username and letmein as the password


If you would like to create additional user accounts for user accountability, you can create additional usernames by using the following commands:

sudo openvasmd — –create-user [my-new-user]

and it would create the user with a generated password.

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  1. Jarek Slupinski
    Jarek Slupinski says:

    These examples are wrong, there should be a double dash:

    sudo openvasmd -–user=admin -–new-password=letmein


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