List of Organizations Hacked under “NSA PRISM”; it never ends

An interesting article by Mohamad Amin Hasbini and our content partners at

US NSA reported to Hack on China and European countries, in one of the biggest scandals for the Obama administration, the program is called PRISM and the list of hacked organizations never ends:

  • Major Telecommunications providers in China (CERnet)
  • Major Fiber optics providers in East Asia (Pacnet)
  • Major Universities in China (Tsinghua)
  • ALL Chinese mobile phone text messages
  • ALL Networking equipment were hacked (CISCO)
  • European Union offices
  • Germany SMS messages and 500 million connections a month
  • EU Council of Ministers

NSA former spy Edward Snowden has released all these information, US Government revoked his passport and is requesting him back, he is currently stuck in Moscow Airport, requesting Asylum to 15 countries.
Britain and Italy were also on the list of countries hacked. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, CISCO, Yahoo all are part of this huge spying campaign.

The original article is located here.

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