Malicious link on Facebook distributing Fake Adobe Flash Player add-on; Hackers Hijacking your Online Accounts

 An interesting Facebook article by
A Malicious Link is nearby you on Facebook which claims to give you the info that who viewed your profile but on the name of that gives you the fake and Malware filled browser add-on of Adobe Flash Player.
Beware of such links or apps claiming these types of fake stuffs, we will tell you how that link looks like and how it can affect your confidential data.

This Malicious link found by Praveen Kashyap (News Editor at Hackers news Bulletin), when he was on Facebook and checking posts by people and friends, he  saw a link which claiming that who viewed your profile and more than 91,543,000 used this including his friends but no one of his friends used that app, he confirmed from them.

You can read the rest here on their site.

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