Nullcon International Security Conference Goa- 2014

Nullcon Goa, ( ) is celebrating its 5th Anniversary, with efforts being made to bring key decision makers and thought leaders with an expectation of 500+ participants from the Industry and Government sector. Nullcon is a four day event scheduled on 12th  – 15th Feb 2014 @Bogmallo Beach Resort, Goa, India comprising of highly technical training’s, talks, workshops, exhibitions, networking parties & CTFs.

Nullcon security conference is well known for its speakers and talks where new vulnerabilities, risks and attacks on systems are responsibly disclosed along with their prevention mechanisms.

First Speaker list –

1. Keynote: Jeff Moss, VP & CSO – ICANN, Founder – Defcon/Blackhat

2. Brad Barker, President – The Halo Corp

3. Chris Evans, Chrome Security, Google

4. Andy Davis, Research Director NCC Group

5. Amol Sarwate, Director Vulnerability Labs – Qualys

6. Anamika Singh, Developer – Cognizant

7. Ankur Tyagi, Software Engineer Juniper

8. Gregory Pickett, Hellfire security

9. Federico Pacheco, National Technical Univ. Buenos Aires

10. Achin Kulshrestha, Security Researcher


Interesting events and happenings:

1. Hardware badge contest

2. Jailbeak 3.0 content

3. nullcon Blackshield Awards

4. Exhibition

5. Night talks on 13th Feb 2014

6. Free Workshops for attendees

7. Hi-tech Security training –

8. Hacking villages

9. nullcon Parties

10. Beach!



ONE DAY Trainings  (13 Feb. 2014)

Xtreme Web Hacking        – Akash Mahajan & Riyaz Walikar

Xtreme Fuzzing       – Michael Eddington


TWO DAY Trainings (12 & 13 Feb. 2014)

Penetration Testing SmartGrid and SCADA    – Justin Searle

Xtreme Exploitation       – Omair

Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis        – Abhishek Datta


Contact for more details –

+91 9004017799

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