Outbreak! Fake Amazon UK emails spammed out, delivering malware

A posting from Naked Security  about malware :   Beware! A spate of malicious emails have been spammed out by online criminals, disguised as legitimate communications from the UK branch of online retail giant Amazon. In a widespread attack, email messages have been distributed designed to trick computer users into opening an attachment disguised as information about an order for an unnamed item. Here’s part of a typical message seen by the experts at SophosLabs:

From the looks of things, the body of the email itself – which have a subject line of “Your Order with Amazon.co.uk” – is harmless. Any links contained inside the email do indeed go to the legitimate Amazon UK website, rather than a webpage hosting malware, and there are not attempts to phish for information. The danger arrives in the file attached to the emails. The emails carry an attached file called “Your Order Details with Amazon.zip” which contains a Trojan horse.

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