An Interview with The Chairman and Founder of SINET, Robert D. Rodriguez

The Security Innovation Network™ (SINET) was created to increase collaboration between the United States public and private sectors with the mutual objective of accelerating innovation in security technology, practices and implementation. The SINET provides thought leadership and tools to create social and virtual links among persons and organizations involved with the technical, strategic, legal, economic, and policy aspects of IT security. In order for the United States to maintain an innovation advantage, creative and continuous collaboration is imperative between the people within public and private sectors from federal agencies, system integrators, innovators, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, academics and scientists. Our goal is to help these important groups within the US security community bridge knowledge and cultural gaps, forge ties and attain unity of purpose towards the advancement of IT security innovation.

The SINET is designed to create a demand pull environment through education, collaboration, access, knowledge transfer, technology transition and policy that leads to rapid identification, assessment, evaluation and integration of “best of class” IT security solutions.

To achieve its mission, the SINET is comprised of three inter-related entities, each with a distinct and essential purpose: The Security Trust, The Security Exchange and the IT Security Forum. These sub-organizations will operate in an integrated, leveraged fashion in support of the SINET.

The SINET will be supported by public and private sponsorship gifts and foundation and government grants.

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